3 Female Cleaners at Somalia Ministry of Defense Shot Dead in Mogadishu


Three women were killed in the Daynlle district of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

Police reported that the three women were shot dead and others wounded in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The women – named Maymuna, Fatima and Fartun, respectively, worked as cleaners at the Somalia Ministry of Defense. They were preparing to mount public transport of the Bajaj type at the time they were attacked.

Two of the women killed in the morning were expecting, reports revealed.

The reports add that the assailants were armed with pistols. They escaped the scene before security forces were alerted to apprehend them

Not often do raids like these end in the capture of the attackers. Most times assailants make their escape good only to resurface soon to mount another raid.

Daynile is one of the districts suspected Al Shabaab operatives infest in well-entrenched sleeping cells going by the recurring operations carried out successfully in the district.

It was only the day before that three terror incidents occurred in the same city with at least one of them involving trigger-happy government soldiers.

A suicide bomber drove into a checkpoint controlling access to key government institutions chief among which was Villa Somalia – the driving seat of the beleaguered, weak Somalia government whose mandated term ended on 8 February.

The number of killed at this incident varies from 3 to 7 to 10  depending on the source of the report – official or otherwise. Scores of others had been injured.

Four other young men each of whom showed multiple gunshots on the head and the torso before they were burned were also dumped in the early hours of Saturday at a suburb to the west of the Custodial corps command.


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