Somalia: Farmaajo Replaces Sadiq John with Former Militant to Command Mogadishu Police Force


Security Concerns as Former Al-Shabaab Militant Appointed as New Commander of Mogadishu Police Force

Political crisis in Somalia continues to get murkier and if countermeasures are not put in place could degenerate into a serious security threat citing the latest unfolding where Mogadishu police commander Sadiq John was unceremoniously dismissed.

Gen. Abdi Hassan Hijar, the country’s police commander fired Sadiq moments after he reportedly suspended parliamentary session scheduled…that was set to address the current political crisis.

However, Sadiq’s dismissal is incomparable to the public outcry and concerns on his immediate replacement. Police commander Sadiq John after his sacking was immediately replaced with Colonel Farhan Qarole as the new commander in-charge of Mogadishu police force. Colonel Farhan Qarole, a Turkish-trained officer appointed as Mogadishu police commander is a former Al-Shabaab militant.

A number of Somali citizens turned into the social to express their displeasure with Colonel Farhan Qarole and lamented that Farmaajo whose mandate as President of Somalia expired on February 8 is now desperately turning to Al-Shabaab for security. Others expressed concerns that Farmaajo’s administration is slowly turning Somalia into a jihadist Caliphate calling on Allah’s guidance through this Ramadhan period.

In a press conference, Sadiq, who has been in charge of security in the capital Mogadishu, asked Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble to take over responsibility for the country and send disputing sides “back to the tent” to reach a consensus on elections. “You should not sit around and take dictation, you should be dictating,” he said.

The latest replacement could now create rifts within the critical and weak Somalia security sector, which has been marred with allegations of bias, inconsistencies, and general disregard of the rule of law.

By Shmuel Agnon

Shmuel Yosef Agnon is a Senior Writer and Editor at the Strategic Intelligence (SI). Specializes in writing intelligence reports, geopolitics, military intelligence and crime reports. Agnon holds a Bachelor of Arts in mass media and journalism, and a master’s degree in international media relations from Winchester, University, England.

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