The Republic of Somaliland is poised to receive 150 000 Medigen (MVC-COV1901) Covid-19 vaccine doses from Taiwan soon.

The news came out after the  office Chargé d’affaires of Taiwan’s representative office in Somaliland Wu Chen-chi and the Somaliland Minister for Health Development, Hassan Mohamed Ali, signed an MOU ‘Gaafaadhi’, Tuesday, detailing the donation.

“The shots will save lives, advance bilateral ties and forge progress on realizing the WHO’s vision of Health For All (call)”, the Taiwan Representative said.

The vaccines were produced in Taiwan by the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp.’s COVID-19 vaccine of Paraguay.

Medigen’s vaccine is the only domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine that has received emergency use authorization from Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, and its rollout in Taiwan began on Aug. 23.


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