President Bihi Undertakes to Organize Both Elections in Line With NEC Timeline


A statement released today, Tuesday, by international partners of the Republic of Somaliland reveals that President Musa Bihi Abdi pledged commitment to organize elections in line with the roadmap set by the National Electoral Commission.

“Partners notes the President’s commitment to organise both elections in line with technical timelines established by the NEC,” the statement said.

‘Both’ meaning presidential and political associations – of which the latter happening opposition parties are definitely allergic to.

President Bihi, according to the statement, also conveyed to partners that he was equally committed to engage opposition political parties in dialogue.

Envoys and ambassadors form Belgium, Canada, the European Delegation, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States, said the statement, raised unsettled  issues pertinent to upcoming elections with President Bihi in a call.

The Partners, in their discussion with the President, today, expressed concerns that they believed were central to an amicable dialogue among key stakeholders of the election process.

“Partners raised concerns over the lack of dialogue between key political stakeholders, stressing the need to secure political consensus on the electoral roadmap,” the statement disclosed.

Not only that, but, also, according to the statement, ‘the importance of freedom of expression and non-violent policing’.

Somaliland presidential elections previously slated for 13 November 2022 and those to decide who the three national parties for the next 10 years would be have been in contention between the government and its ruling party, on one side, and the Waddani and UCID opposition parties, on the other. Mediated efforts between the two sides dismally failed on several occasions with an increasing number of people and groups pointing an accusatory finger at a perceived intransigence on the government side.

On their part, although they have played undeniable roles in delays themselves, opposition parties have been threatening non-recognition of incumbent government once 13 November came and passed without an agreed roadmap to the elections.




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