Dengue Fever on the Rise in Somaliland?


Somaliland’s main opposition party, Waddani is now accusing the government of failing to address the increasing cases of Dengue fever in the country.

Waddani Party spokesperson Barkhad Jama Batuun, expressed concerns over the government’s handling of the situation.

He said that the main hospitals are overcrowded with patients and lack the capacity to deal with the situation.

He further said that most of those affected cannot afford drugs which are expensive.

“The situation does not look go at all.  Hospitals are full, and people are lying in front of the emergency room, it’s a very painful situation. When you are taken to the hospital, you have to pay for everything” said Batuun.

Batuun said that the number of people dying from the fever is high and more infections are being reported.

Dengue fever, spread by mosquitos, is the source of the outbreak and the deaths of unspecified number of citizens in Somaliland.

By Godfrey Ivudria

East African Business Week


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