Somaliland opposition parties lashed out at the incumbent government and the leadership of His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi for propagating hurtful injustice rather than working towards its eradication.

President Bihi campaigned, chiefly, on fighting corruption and injustice in all its forms.

The leaders of Waddani and UCID parties, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Irro’ and Faisal Ali Waraabe, respectively, both criticized the President, himself, of nurturing the very issues he vowed to uproot in the most scandalous form possible.

Both Chairmen, Irro and Waraabe, supported a convention of Somaliland clans, taking back the country to 1991, in order to take stock of all possible issues that can be the cause of national disintegration if the president did not take note of what was going wrong around which, as they said, they were a voice of.

“How can the people of Somaliland accept that the regions of Sool, Sanaag, and Togdheer were allotted 33 positions out of 300 scholarship offers Ethiopia has given us. Is it justice that Gabiley is lumped alongside the six old regions, and given 37 posts where Sahil, where I come from, was given none,” Chairman Irro, earlier during this week, told Waddani party members in London, the UK, where he was currently on a visit.

Chairman Irro was alluding to 200 undergraduate scholarship offers and 100 postgraduate positions which Ethiopia granted Somaliland candidates and how the government of Somaliland distributed it among the regions.

The Somaliland media published that said offer was allocated to the regions as follows:

Hargeysa/MJ 190 candidates
Awdal 40 candidates
Gabiley 37 candidates
Togdheer 20 candidates
Sanaag 8 candidates
Sool 5 candidates

Faisal Ali Waraabe, speaking to graduates of the New Generation University, Sunday, contrasted the Somaliland division of scholarship positions among the regions to another made by the neighboring Puntland Federal State of Somalia on an equal offer. Puntland which disputes Somaliland on governance of Sool and Sanaag regions has given candidates from 7 cities and towns in Somaliland proper under old Sanaag, Sool and Togdheer regions a total of 120 positions, as below:

Nugaal 60 candidates
Barri 60 candidates
Mudug 60 candidates

SOOL: Las Anod 30 candidates
Xudun 10 candidates
Taleex 10 candidates

TOGDHEER: Buuhoodle 10 candidates

SANAAG: Badhan 20 candidates
Dhahar 20 candidates
Erigavo 20 candidates

Faisal, UCID Chairman, went a great deal further in castigating the president’s leadership by saying: “Fragmentation of Somaliland unity is not at risk from opposition parties; it is not at risk from the renegade colonel Arre, but from President Bihi himself and his flawed justice”.

Not only the two parties but it is now coming to light that a growing number of citizens are discovering that the government of president Bihi seems to be intent on enforcing policies and actions which produce the exact opposite effect such as awarding contracts and high positions to members of his family or unequally distributing offers or imposing more debilitating taxes on hapless constituents.

Perhaps, critics are now whispering, that is the reason the Minister of Information is trying to stopper independent media by censoring them and threatening impunity if they overstep what the ministry terms as ‘conventional news dissemination’ practices.