None Can Beat President Siilaanyo for a Second Term in Office


A president warmly shaking hands with his people regardless of their rank is rare to see these days – if not impossible. To see a president daring to swim with his constituents in an open beach is an experience of a life time. A president going equal to the challenge of building two 300+ long roads, traversing some of the roughest, rockiest terrains is an honor incarnate to a nation.


A president who transformed main national airports and raised their level of dependability to international standards, pot-holed streets and arterial roads to paved ones and city skylines to world-standard dreams in a very short tern under his leadership  a daunting, worthy figure to compete against by itself.


A president who, in his term in office, hands out staple foods, shelter, equipment to the needy, re-builds the army and security forces from near-scratch, equips them, raises their salaries, gives them ranks, speeds up employment opportunities, re-kindles self-help schemes in public minds and spirits and, single-handedly, bucks an insolent, insouciant world by showing them that a tiny nation can stand on its feet and leap forward to unprecedented development is an icon to be proud of.


A president that revived the pride of a very proud nation, and held them together against all odds has no equal in the eyes of all Somalilanders.


Not only has President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud ‘Siilaanyo’ amassed honor points during his current tenure in office, but his track record in the past alone cannot find a parallel. One only need find glimpses of his true character in, for instance, attached clips.


The very warm coverage that the Somaliland media has made of the president’s tour of duty from the furthest western point of the nation, onward to the furthest eastern corner bears testimony to how all of Somaliland presently rallies behind its president.  The tour has, furthermore, highlighted how the president has the highest confidence on the capability, integrity, and forward-looking deportment of his nation. The bulk of Somaliland media showed that it is right alongside the president on his quest for a country that relies on its own resources, and turns its dreams to reality through its own sheer determination. The media has shown that Somaliland is indeed the shining example of self-dependence in a world fraught with insecurity in spirit, principle and outlook.


If one had to put all of his detractors on one scale against his, the outcome would have been a foregone conclusion.


Long live Somaliland!


Sulman Abdurahim



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