Lionel Messi murks James Milner – but as these videos show, the Barcelona star has embarrassed just about everyone


Poor old James Milner.

The Manchester City midfielder was fooled by Lionel Messi’s trickery to such an extent last night that Pep Guardiola couldn’t bring himself to watch.

During the first-half of last night’s Round of 16 second-leg Champions League tie at the Nou Camp, the England international tried his best to put some pressure on the Barcelona forward. But all he managed to do was end up on his backside following a cute nutmeg by the four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

In the stands was Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola, and so impressed was he by the show of skill he was unable to hide his amusement despite has attempts to bury his expression in his hands.

Milner is unlikely to forget the experience of being a gullible onlooker to Messi’s magical skills – but as the evidence below demonstrates, he can console himself that he’s by no means the first to be taken in by the Argentina international…

James Milner is murked by Messi during the first half of the match

Pep Guardiola enjoys the show

Manuel Almunia was taken in during his time at Arsenal 

Messi isn’t afraid to embarrass his own team-mates either, as Marc-Andre ter Stegen found out during a match warm-up  

Messi managed to embarrass most of the Atletico Madrid side 

 And the Athletic Bilbao team 

 Getafe came under his spell too 

 Sevilla defender Emir Spahic was taken in 

 The Independent’s columnist Paul Scholes couldn’t stop him 

 Neither could this lot 

 Or these 

 And Messi has even managed to murk a basketball net 



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