Shocking footage shows ‘migrants’ brutally beaten after being found in back of Calais lorry


In the video that appeared on the Facebook page on Sunday, five people are seen being pulled out from the back of the lorry before being kicked and slapped by a man wearing a fluorescent yellow jacket.

A dog can be heard barking, as the other men can also be seen hitting the group members as they are pulled out of the lorry’s rear compartment.

The footage was posted onto his Facebook page by Romanian lorry driver Luci Volvo, who tagged himself as in Calais when the video was shot.

A nearby building also confirms the incident took place at the port in Calais.

Channel Four was the first news outlet to publish the video and on their website and described the group as “immigrants” that were discovered “hiding in the back of a truck in a bid to sneak into Britain.”

This has yet to be confirmed.

Channel Four confirmed that the man in the fluorescent jacket did not work for the port, and attempts by the channel to contact the driver’s company had proved unsuccessful.

Calais has increasingly become a gathering point for immigrants and asylum seekers as they attempt to enter Britain from the continent.

This has caused consternation throughout residents in Calais and their mayor Natacha Bouchart.

Bouchart has been vocal in her criticism of the situation, saying that her city had been “taken hostage by migrants” and calling on the border to be returned from Calais to Dover.

The rise in immigrants and asylum seekers in Calais has also coincided with a seeming rise in the number of reported cases of abuse being carried out on them.

In January this year, a report by researchers from human rights charity Human Rights Watch found that out of 44 migrants over half of them had experienced abuse at the hands of French police, with many saying that they had received beatings.

The French police told HRW that they were unaware of any accusations.



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