State Sends Condolences to Kenya in Wake of Massacre, Congratules Nigeria on peaceful Transition of Power in Elections

The Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs Mohamed Behi Yonis

The government has sent its deep-hearted sympathy to the people and government of Kenya following the dawn massacre of students at North Eastern University which is a constituent of Moi University (Garissa Campus) in Garissa, Kenya over the week.

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Behi Yonis said that the ROS was distressed by the gruesome act that was meted to citizens (at a none-military facility) who were mere students just about to sit for their examinations in the fateful morning.

The Foreign Minister said that the state also sent a message of condolences to the families, relatives, friends, the people and government of Kenya on the occasion in the wake of the unnecessary deaths that claimed the 147 lives of the students 80 plus casualties following the inhumane act.

Hon. Behi on the other hand sent a message of congratulations to the people and nation of Nigeria on the occasion of the election of the new President, Muhammed Buhari.

(Source: Somalilandpress)



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