Somaliland: Be-as-you-pay Nationalism


Groups upon groups of people repeating themselves over and over again on the same theme, framed on the same words, heated to almost exactly the same fractional degree has become a common feature on TV stations, dailies and on websites.

One way or the other, the writers or the most commonly common citizens paraded on TV stations in any number of press Conferences have little to do with politics. Most of them are common folks on the street: small business people, housewives, out-on-the-street elderly gents, members of the ‘traditional leaders’ clique which now runs into the thousands, young, fresh college graduates, and the like.

With some, definitely, it is going with the tide. With a few, it is having one’s say in a national issue. Both of these are perfectly expressing their opinions within their democratic, Islamic limits.

But, then, there are hundreds more who are motivated by material gains, clan alignment and/or xenophobic regional obsessions.

It is the latter that are increasingly occupying a commanding space and time on national media.

What is so funny about this group is they fool nobody but themselves. The moment they line up for one of these infernal ‘press conferences’, one can see the ill-concealed, greased palms.

This group has no allegiance to anybody or anything but their greed and petty cares. They are for hire or they play the tune of professional ‘politicians’ or middlemen-for-hire.

The Group can be seen defending any number of issues: political, land, business establishment, grazing area, a well, a president, a parliamentarian, a mayor… and so on and so forth.

Some of them are permanent features in front of courts of law as “witnesses-for-hire” – avowed perjury specialists.

This for-hire Group presently holds the majority in Somaliland as they constitute 90% of voices heard, faces seen. They are the opinion-makers. They are the king-makers. They are the politicians. They are the lawyers. They are the traditional leaders. They are everything and everybody rolled into one. They are the experts on every subject.

They are the know-alls!

In Somaliland, as true nationalists go into hibernation, the For-hire Group takes over. They are soft-skinned, irritable, cowardly, loud, greedy, tribal-minded, unscrupulous … and always frothing on the mouth.

The Group does not kindly to criticism, adopting criticism as their sole mandate. If one so much as looks askance at them, it is the subject of yet another ‘press conference’ or an offensive barrage on social media, or hoots and boos on the street.

The Group cannot be contradicted on any issue. The Group is most happy when they see somebody watching on a small screen or reading them on a daily the next day.

The Group is always in a fighting mood sparks flying off  needle-point eyes, hair raised to spikes, arms flying and waving in all directions, voices raised, insults blasted off, ultimatums fired.

Self-respect sold and done away with. To them, you are worth as much as you  pay, i.e., reputation or disreputation for sale.

To see a Group member in real life, look at Somaliland TV Screens. Give time to what is being said about the recent debacle at the Somaliland Parliament.

What is being aired there is enough to derail Somaliland and shoo off all support for this beleaguered country and its valiant people. It is enough of a wallop to make you develop a short, by-the-minute memory span for all things ‘Somaliland’.

While with them, never speak in favor of Somaliland or democracy or nationalism or Islam or Co-existence or Development or even of your next door neighbor!

God save the Republic of Somaliland!


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