Somaliland: An Experiment In Democracy


Feature length documentary looking at the trials and tribulations of holding elections in SomalilandIMG_3589

Somaliland is an anomaly for political commentators the world over. Left out of the international community and in a region famous for piracy, Islamist militants, tribe factions and famine it has been holding democratic elections and keeping a fragile stability for its people. The documentary examines how Somaliland’s experiment in democracy is faring despite its circumstances and what this means to its people.

Somaliland has officially existed for two days. For the following twenty years it has been the largest unrecognised state in the world. Located in one of the most violent and lawless regions in the world we found out how Somalilanders were running elections and why it is so important to them.

The film covers one of the country’s highest stake elections in it’s history through exclusive access to the National Electoral Commission (NEC). The documentary follows the head of NEC in his attempts to keep control as the safeguards for a peaceful election begin to collapse around him, the prospect of riots gains momentum and a disputed vote becomes a reality.

The audience gains an exclusive insight into a little understood fragile and unrecognised state that is defying the odds whilst struggling to face the challenges of experimenting in democracy.

Producer/Director/Camera: Tom Colvile
Producer/Director/Camera: Mohammed Ahmed

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