Somaliland: President Siilaanyo infuses new blood into an invigorated cabinet


To fill the chinks left behind by more than a dozen key resignations in the Somaliland Cabinet of Ministers, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Siilaanyo, started a new, seemingly more spritely ball rolling by putting names up for vacated portfolios and shifting incumbent ministers to new ones.siilaanyo-1In today’s presidential decree, the President shifted H.E.  Mohamoud Hashi Abdi from Aviation to the Presidency; H.E. Saad Ali Shirreh from National Planning  to the Foreign Ministry and International Cooperation; H.E.  Ali Hussein Ismail Jirdeh from Head of Somaliland Mission in Kenya to the helm of the Ministry of National Planning; H.E. Ali Mohamoud Ahmed from membership of the Parliament to the Ministerial post at Public Works; H.E. Ali Ahmed Sandulle, the former Minister of State for Eastern Regions becomes the new Minister for Labor and Social Affairs;  H.E. Osman Abdullahi Sahardid, ex-Minister of State for Finance assumes full ministerial portfolio at the Ministry of Aviation.

Hussein Adan Eggeh ‘Deyr’, an ardent, indefatigable writer who never minced words in support of the ultimate leader, the President, is appointed to the Presidency as its Spokesperson.

The new appointments and shift of responsibilities was released today to the national and international media in a presidential decree carrying the protocol number JSL/M/XERM/249-3631/102015.

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