Al-Jazeera Edits Out Defamatory Report Against Dahabshiil


Al-Jazeera Arabic language channel has omitted false and discriminating clip from its documentary “War of Ports in the Horn of Africa” after Dahabshiil Group of Companies, launched a complaint against the international broadcaster.

Mr. Abdirashid Dualeh, the CEO of Dahabshiil group of companies in an interview with BBC Somali language said that he was dismayed to see a reputable international broadcaster such as Al Jazeera would air such an inaccurate and discriminating information without verify its sources.

He added, “Dahabshiil Group in the strong terms refutes the false allegations made against it by Al Jazeera Arabic television. The broadcast consisted of a number of false allegations, which have been comprehensively discredited, as well as other accusations of political involvement which appear to have been invented for geopolitical reason

The CEO of Dahabshiil group of companies further stated that at no time did the producers of the documentary contact him nor the company, “Dahabshiil was not given a right of reply before Al Jazeera’s report and a simple call to us would have enabled the numerous errors in the broadcast to have been avoided. We call on Al Jazeera to retract their baseless claims and remove this information from the public domain.

Al Jazeera has of today omitted the false and discriminating clips which was aired on March 17, 2019, in the program called “War of Ports in the Horn of Africa”.


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