Somaliland: Presidential Decree Leaves Health with 2 Ministers, Replaces Planning, Ethiopia Envoy


Perhaps, not intentionally – perhaps – Presidential Decree No. SL/XM/XKQ/222/1-293/042019 of 14 April 2019, names another minister for Health Development leaving the incumbent neither sacked nor transferred to another assignment.

This is the second time such an omission happened in a decree which the Presidency published.

Sources at the presidency, assured Somtribunehowever, that the President, indeed, wished to relieve Dr. Hassan Ismail Yussuf of Health from active duty on reasons of poor health.

Two academics who had not been, hitherto, involved in politics in any discernible capacity, the Decree wished to convey, will replace Ex-Ministers of Health and Planning, Dr. Hassan Ismail Yussuf and Awale Ibrahim Shirwa.

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Abdihakim Shibbin
Omar A Abdullahi – Health

In this last of a series of mini-reshuffles His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, is becoming famous for, the two ex-ministers lose their places to, respectively,  Omar Abdullahi Ali Bade (Health) and Abdirahman Osman Haji Abdi (Shibbin) – Planning.

Kulmiye stalwart and former long-standing educationist and diplomat, Ahmed Hassan Egal, the Head of the Somaliland Mission in Ethiopia is to hand over responsibility to a fairly new-comer, Salan Hassan-Kayd Abdille.

Salan is the son of an ex-diplomat, an ex-career military officer-turned freedom fighter – the late Colonel Hassan Kayd, who had been one of the leaders of a core of young Somaliland-officers who unsuccessfully tried to wrench back Somaliland from a southern-hijacked union with Somalia in 1961.

In the same Decree, the President named Abdinassir Aidid Ibrahim as Deputy Minister at Interior – a position vacated by the recently promoted and transferred Mohamed Musa Derie who has become the Minister for Information.


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