Somaliland: 5 Die under Conditions Heavy Rains Created in Hargeisa

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, toured, Monday evening, a number of areas in the capital which heavy rains damaged, stopping at places where the public encounter the most – and, also, the most recurring – difficulties.

The President sent condolences to the families who lost members, wishing the injured speedy recovery.

“I ask the public not to settle over watercourses. People should not attempt to cross flooded, narrow pathways,” he, later, stated, sending his message through the media.

He asked residents to heed calls in order to limit damages and save more lives.Image may contain: 9 people, including Mohamed Diig, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Five people died under circumstances born of heavy rains which fell in the Hargeisa area Monday.

The rains, driven by gusty winds which started in the late afternoon lasting well into the early evening cut off roads, flooded streets, uprooted trees, blew the roofs off a great number of houses, and practically necessitated that power be cut off from large areas of the city.

According to a press conference the Somaliland ministers of interior, Information and Public Works, along with the Chief Commander of the Police forces, the Governor of Maroodijeeh region, and the Mayor of the capital, jointly held late Monday evening, five people were confirmed dead, and nine injured on varying degrees – some seriously.

Of the killed, two were electrocuted by live lamp posts; three died in a car swept off the tarmac road by strong floods.

The officials asked the public to take extra, cautionary measures during the rainy season and to refrain from using power without installing tripping mechanisms, and not to attempt to cross areas where small gullies form either by foot or by car.

The ministers, the Governor and the other officials at the press conference all lauded the role which the Somaliland police and Fire Brigade units played in saving lives and preventing further unnecessary loss of life and property.

Hargeisa is one sprawling city without proper sewage or drainage systems. It becomes one big muddy pond at times of rain, rendering some areas inaccessible for some time. If rains were any heavier as they normally or take longer to pass, damages could be incalculable according to planners.