Hamed Jama: Departure of the Brown Intellectual – Writes Ex-PresidentAli Nassir

Hamed Jama Hussein (aka حامد جامع) , a cultured intellectual, died in Aden, where he lived and lived the lives of ordinary people as a whole, her subsistence life. He only left for Aden on Monday when he died.
He did not leave a legacy of money because he did not have money inherited. And real estate and land. And no children are fighting for his legacy because he did not marry! And opponents are tearing his fur because it was far from political rivalries.
He was a model of the ascetic intellectual in the world and its decoration and hypocrisy. It was more like the people of Aden. He took from the city its spirit, culture, beauty and legendary violence.
the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jameh Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)
the son of Aden, the intellectual, translator, writer, journalist and political figure Hamed Jameh Hussein, (aka حامد جامع)
With this elixir lived his life and the fact that his philosophy and dreams and flying in the sky and impossible to fall when many fell and abandoned their left, because it was convinced, not greed in a position or a job, as many others did.
He did not leave the country or travel to the cities of the West or the East, even with the difficulty of life and hardship of living and conquering men and creeping death through the struggle of comrades and brothers of the homeland, although he had many options but did not do.
He didn’t break even when he saw dreams broken.
His dream and the dreams of people in a free and dignified life. He remained hopeful, insurmountable to defeat, and the most difficult and ordered defeats self-defeat.
He wrote, translated, read a lot and published some of what was translated, and was well versed in English, which translates his ribs in Arabic to which he translates. Books, and in for researchers and generations English, and Arabic which is translated by the richest library of valuable books became.
The path to office was not known because the real intellectual is greater than any position. He was never seen as a dubious one at the gates of the rulers because the relationship was generally ambiguous between the ruler and the intellectual, except in rare cases. He found himself closer to the real intellectuals and the simple people because he belonged to them.
In his philosophy, Hamed Jama Huseen (aka حامد جامع) lived and died close to the people, a friend of the book, a lover in the mahram of words, sincere chaste, leaving to Aden, which loved and loved its noble sorrow. 
Mr. Hussein Jama’s great-grandfather Hussein was one of the first Somalis to settle in Aden, a small town about two centuries ago, but an international port city.
Hamed Jama HusseinSaid Jama Hussein, and Saleh Hussein, three brothers and knowledge behind the Arab and Somalia philosophy a model of the ascetic intellectual in the world other, and individuals world and performing your knowledge known, they were born and raised in Aden. The three of them have become famous candles for knowledge and philosophy in the world.
Said Jama Hussein, another literary giant and Hamed’s brother
Said Jama Hussein ,, presently, resides in London, Salah Jama, at Canada.
I would like to express my condolences to all those who have died. Then we pray to God to invite all of us to be patient and faith in Paradise.
Ali Nasir Former President of AdenBy Ali Nasir Mohamed,
Former President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Aden Yemen.



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