Somaliland: Minister Shibbin, Delegation Visit German Vocational Training Department


The Minister of Planning and National Development, His Excellency Dr Abdi Osman “Shibbin” led a high-level delegation representing the Somaliland government to an official visit to the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Bonn, Germany, Friday.

The Minister is accompanied by the Director Generals of the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Chamber of Commerce and other technical teams.Image

The Mission received a briefing from the German Office for International Cooperation in Vocational Education and Training on German TVET systems.

Minister Shibbin underscored the importance of developments and investment in the TVET sector for Somaliland and affirmed the Somaliland government’s serious commitment to reform the TVET sector.

Germany is a world leader in vocational and skills production and is aptly supporting Somaliland to work towards improving all matters to do with TVET.

Source: MoPND

Somaliland Ministry of Planning and National Development


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