Karabakh Establishing Contacts with Somaliland


The Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) is establishing contacts with Somaliland.

“On November 19, I had a very interesting and important debate with prominent Somaliland politician Fatima Ibrahim,” Davit Babayan, the deputy chief of staff of the Artsakh President’s Office, head of the Central Information Department of the Artsakh President’s Office, and chairman of the Artsakh Conservative Party, wrote this on his Facebook page. “This is the first political contact between Artsakh and Somaliland. We have spoken on a variety of topics, in particular, the history, geopolitical trends, state-building, domestic and foreign policy of the two states.

“Like our state, Somaliland is at the epicenter of global and regional geopolitical interests. (…). Instead of the clash of civilizations, we should all strive for a dialogue based on principles such as mutual respect, equality and cooperation.”


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