Czech Republic, Somaliland Boost Trade Relations


The Republic of Somaliland and the Czech Republic talk of a boost to bilateral trade relations.

A heavyweight, Ministerial level delegation from the Republic of Somaliland is currently on an official visit to the Czech Republic where members are holding discussions with counterparts, business people and industrialists.

The aim of the visit rests on promoting the fecund investment climate of Somaliland. enormously exploit the vast investment opportunities available in Somaliland.

The Somaliland delegation is quite convinced that international investors can enormously benefit from the existing, vast investment opportunities and, especially, in the areas of agriculture, fisheries, tourism, infrastructure, livestock, and the like. Somaliland, according to trade directories, has put all necessary instruments in place to attract and hold on to both national and international investors.

Among the delegation members are the Miniter for Trade, Industries and Tourism, Mohamoud Hassan Sa’id ‘Sachin’, Minister for International Investments, Mohamed Ahmed Awad, Chairman of the Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Jamal Aidid, and the very charismatic Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Liban Yousuf Osman.

The Republic of Somaliland has restored 1960 sovereignty which it temporarily ceded to a fruitless, lamentable merger with a corrupt, hellbent Somalia on 18 May 1991. Since then, it has built a modern, stable state complete with its bicameral parliament, judiciary and executive wings; currency, flag, passport, national emblem and anthem and all the trappings of a contemporary fully functioning state in accordance with the Montevideo convention of 1933.


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