Coronavirus Shakes and Shapes the World


A different perspective: Common impact, common emotions and possible solutions for all

Coronavirus or more specifically, COVID-19, the new global pandemic, took the world by surprise. This killer virus spreads, like a wildfire in a forest, across the globe with none discrimination between the poor and the rich, between the weak and the powerful or between the black and the white. It started from the east – China, but within no time reached the west – Europe and the USA. The biggest western economies are being hit the hardest at the moment.

This novel Coronavirus is the most contagious, fastest-spreading and the worst killer that mankind has ever come across in modern history. COVID-19 comes with unique and complicated characteristics which confuse the health experts, government leaders, international organisations and all relevant decision-makers. The world faces huge challenges and complex difficulties to plan a unified preventative or interventional approach to deal with this unprecedented pandemic crisis.

What is so puzzling about COVID-19 is how it touches the feeling of everyone on earth in a similar way no matter who they are, where they are, what they do for a living, what ranks they have, what socioeconomic class they belong to or what position in society they hold. The ordinary people, health professionals, government officials, leaders and every individual feel helpless, hopeless, powerless, clueless, scared, frustrated, stressed, anxiety and most probably depressed.

There is no medication, no vaccination, no treatment and no effective common response plan available to tackle this frightening global health threat. Everyone talks about it and almost everyone gives out some kind of information or advice on it but no-one provides any significant solutions. The only common advice or orders given by all authorities is; STAY HOME, WASH HANDS, KEEP AWAY FROM OTHERS, DON’T TOUCH any surface, if you have not contracted yet, STAY HOME and if you already have, STAY HOME too and get yourself ISOLATED.

COVID-19 overshadowed all other affairs in the media as it dominates all news coverage around the world on both conventional outlets and social media. Since the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, you don’t hear much about UK’s Brexit, Syrian war, the war in Yemen, the Iran – USA conflict, the tensions of trade issues between China and the western world, or even delayed elections in Somaliland.

The deadly COVID-19 is impacting on human life in a multi-dimensional way. The confirmed number of contracted people is already approaching 2 million, despite not reached peak yet, while the death toll has reached over 120,000 worldwide. The economic, health and social impact is beyond any scale and may not be recovered for decades to come. Many people will develop a type of mental illness or other forms of health issues due to stress, isolation, bereavement for the loss of a loved one or financial hardships. It is bringing unprecedented economic crisis with the highest ever number of businesses closing down; Travel and airline industries suffering greatest losses ever; Hospitality, recreation, sports, educational institutions, and so many other sectors terribly affected; and with a record high number of companies going bust.

Across the world, schools, colleges, universities and all other learning centres are closed. This means that conventional teaching delivery methods (in class or face to face) have been completely suspended for an unknown period. So, a search for an alternative way to continue education started and every single institution is trying their best to deliver their teaching programmes for their students. So, a search for an alternative way to continue with education started with educational institutions trying their best to deliver their teaching programmes using all means of communication technology from online to TV programmes and radio broadcasting or even mobile phone messaging systems.

COVID-19 might change the usual ways we do things for good, but this may not all be for worse though. Creative ways of working or new systems could be developed or existing ones improved. Every cloud has a silver lining. Some sectors like communication technology, teaching & learning, health care and delivery services could witness drastic improvements and working from home might become the norm.

While going through this distressful experience with no-one out there to turn to, it is noted that most people felt the existence of Supreme Powers controlling the universe and turned on their spiritual mode. People realised that this pandemic exposed the weaknesses of the human being and started to visualise and seek help towards the only Devine Power, to their Creator, the God, Allah, the Ultimate Decision Maker.

Think of this moment as a turning point …??? Could this be what Allah wanted… to draw us back to HIM as we indulged in the worldly material possessions and neglected to strike a balance between meeting our basic needs for existence and the spiritual dimensions of our lives …??? Could this be a kind message from Allah (God) to warn and remind us of our purpose in life …??? We know that a lot of us are passing away and many of us will lose their loved ones but could this be an opportunity to reflect on our shortcomings, get rid of our ego, change our inner-selves and start leading our lives in a way good for us and acceptable to God?

Everyone is trying to establish personal connection with the Almighty God, whether they follow a formal religion or not. But the logic is that there must be only one right way to follow and establish desired connection with HIM – The Only Source of Power. We all wish our prayers answered. So how would you know you are doing it the right way? There is no better time to search the truth and get answers for all your pressing questions.

Do you really want to find out the way that connects you to the Supreme Power and how you can reach HIM, by yourself? … READ THE QURAN (The Word of God). It is available in almost every language and I am sure you can get all the answers you have been looking for.

REMEMBER: If we all find the right way and establish all our connections to Allah, then our prayers will be accepted and our PROBLEM SOLVED. It means, we found a solution for COVID-19 and many other problems in this life and hereafter too.

By Eng. Adam J. Haddy



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