Dr Mohamed Abdi Hergeeye, Director-General of the Republic of Somaliland’s Ministry of Health, disclosed, Sunday, that 16 new coronavirus-infected cases have been discovered since yesterday’s update.

This brings the total infected cases in Somaliland thus far to a total 103 persons, eight of whom have lost the battle to survive the infection.

To date, 626 people have been tested. Eight recovered cases are on record.

Fifteen of the latest batch of cases, according to the Director-General, were Somalilanders and the 16th an Ethiopian national.

Dr Hergeeye identified the new cases as 8 male and 8 female.

In Federal Somalia, 48 new cases have been identified to have contracted the disease.

According to the Somalia Minister of Health who – as usual – swelled up her numbers with the Somaliland Republic number, the new cases were broken down regionally as below:

– Benadir federal state: 33

– Galmudug federal state: 8

– Southwest federal state: 7

Again, subtracting the 8 deaths due to COVID-19 registered in Somaliland, death cases in Somalia would number 48.


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