The Somaliland Republic’s Ministry of Health announced, Thursday, that 32 new Covid19 cases have come to light making the total number of positive-testing patients thus far 257.

21 of the newly tested patients are male, 11 female.

Nineteen of the new cases are Hargeisa residents, 5 each in Borama and Berbera and the remaining 3 in Burao.

The Ministry also revealed that one more person has died of the disease since Wednesday, bringing the total dead of the affliction since its outbreak in Somaliland to 18. The deceased was an 84-year old male living in Hargeisa.

To date, 28 people are known to have recovered from the coronavirus.

Bu age group, the new cases fall under below-copied brackets, according to the Ministry statement:

            • 10-19 yrs   1 person
            • 20-29 yrs   9 persons
            • 30-39 yrs    11 persons
            • 40-49 yrs    4 persons
            • 50-59 yrs    2 persons
            • 60-69 yrs    2 persons
            • 70-79 yrs    2 persons
            • 80-89 yrs    1 person

Mogadishu’s Somalia announced that 65 people have tested positive for the past 24 hours: 37 in Mogadishu, 8 in Puntland and 22 in Southwest federal state.

Unfortunately, Villa Somalia chose, again, to beef up its numbers with those of Somaliland writing that 97 people have tested positive.

These kinds of false announcements, according to confidential sources, have proven a blessing for Somalia which got a hefty World Bank boost on top of the recent debt relief shower which the creditors have rained on it.

Despite a drastic fall in expected revenues bu US$67 million, the World Bank grant and several other direct aid packages from countries such as the US made an adjustment to the better on the Somalia 2020 necessary.

In a teleconference which the Somalia cabinet of Ministers held Thursday, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire announced the year’s budget will be re-adjusted to US $646.9 of which US$ 40.9 million will go to new projects and programs where US$ 129 million will augment government expenditure.

Under the ‘new projects and programs’ Covid19-related initiatives figure prominently.

In contrast, the Republic of Somaliland has been struggling to combat the deadly pandemic under its own steam cutting down expenditure on government commitments and projects to face the virus squarely on its terms.

Fully knowing that Somalia has no say so or control over Somaliland issues, the world, sadly, makes itself believe that funds going to Mogadishu will be filtered down to the Republic of Somaliland, This charade continued year in, year out – and still does –  lasting well over 29 years.


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