Somalia: Premier Bank Launches Money Transfer Wallet in Mogadishu


Premier Bank has launched Wallet Send, a new international money transfer service that allows customers to send money overseas.

The new Premier Wallet feature permits direct transfer of funds to accounts and remittance services in over 110 countries. Wallet Send reduces the complexity of sending money, the duration of traditional remittance processes, and the time it takes customers to send money abroad to a few simple steps.

This new service will enable recipients of remittances to receive funds directly on their bank accounts, mobile money, and cash in their home countries.

“Compatibility with the global trend toward modern financial systems is crucial for our society. If we have already implemented electronic domestic transactions, it is now time for our customers to use a modern system to ship items to the rest of the world,” said Premier Bank’s Head of business, Abdishakur Afrah.

“Because our society is a traveling society in which family members reside in different countries and must transfer money to one another, we have placed a premium on this service,” he continued.

Customers using our Wallet Send to remit funds to Kenya and Turkey are exempted from transfer charges, making it easy for students and families to send and receive their money free of charge.

Premier Wallet, the country’s first money transfer application, integrates online banking services, Mastercard, simple domestic and international money transfer, through Wallet Send. 

Editor’s Note

About Premier Wallet 

Premier Wallet is the most successful mobile money service in Somalia. Premier Wallet offers financial services to non-banked populations or people with limited access to banks. Premier Wallet is a safe, affordable, and secure way to trade on your smartphone. Top-up, money transfer, withdrawals, bill payments, and mobile banking are the primary features of Premier Wallet. Premier Wallet is a dependable and sophisticated money transfer and financial management system that lets you control, access, and manage your bank account from home or work. 

About Premier Bank

Premier Bank Limited is a fully fledged commercial Bank, licensed and regulated by the Central Bank to provide commercial Banking and Financial Services in the country. 

Premier Bank financial solutions offering includes Retail, Corporate and SME Banking, Mobile and Internet banking, ATM Banking, SWIFT transfers, Treasury services, trade financing products, personal financing and international money transfer and so much more. Premier Bank also provides Mastercard Debit and Prepaid cards, Premier Wallet, mobile and internet banking service facilitates online banking for both personal and business.



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