BREAKING NEWS: Somaliland army repulses Puntland militias in Sanaag


Earlier today, Monday, mechanized Puntland militias attacked army units stationed in Eastern Sanaag of the Republic of Somaliland, Ilays news reported.

The report said the militias attacked an army unit camped at Boodda, 30 kms west of Badhan, and on the Erigavo regional capital side, early in the morning.

Nothing is known of what casualties – if any – the two sides sustained.

Independent sources had, however,  verified that the marauding militias have been repulsed.

Two divisions of the Somaliland rapid deployment army are headed towards areas in Sanaag that had seen an in-surge of army units and militias loyal to Puntland Somalia administration in the Dhahar and Badhan areas of Eastern Sanaag.

Puntland Security Minister had on Saturday vowed that his administration would not permit voter registration to take place in Eastern Sanaag, in the belief that those areas belonged to his administration despite the age-old boundaries that separate the Republic of Somaliland from Somalia.

Neither the Republic of Somaliland nor the Puntland administration have not formally spoken of the incident yet.

Somaliland army reaction had been swift and decisive in similar cases in the past.


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