SCAMA Website: Another Manifestation of Somalia Aviation Scams

According to the offical website of SCAMA (Somali Civil Aviation and Meteorological Authority), the organization is an autonomous body working under the Federal Government of Somalia through the ministry of aviation. It plays not only the role of aviation regulator but it also performs the services of air navigation and airport services.
This organization also establishes and implements Somalia’s civil aviation policies and protocols thus as acting as a professional establishments of sorts and a gateway that links the country to the international aviation community.
It becomes very strange then when A vital organization held in high standards and with such immensely crucial responsiblities as this one  act so unprofessionally.
To elaborate, one only needs to visit the offical website of this “professional authority” to see how shameful and negligent they are when it comes to describing their different sectors. 
Without shame and a drop of professionalism, they have plagiarized and copied from the Seychelles civil aviation authority website. To add insult to injury they have done this by copying a single page from the Seychelles website (air navigation services) and pasted it to all their departmental/sector information pages.
You can see that what is described in the scama website is a clear explanation of the Seycheles airspace and aerodromes. Describing such control towers as Mahe and Praslin.
It has come to our knowledge that upon seeing this monostrosity of civil aviation impropriety some staff notified a high SCAMA official (non other than the director himself). He pulled down the whole website for a few weeks,  stating the website was under maintanance. But lo and behold.. the website hardly changed when it came back to operation.
I cannot fathom how this clear defamation of what is supposed to be an official governmental “authority” has evaded the attention of any reputable official.
The process of writting a description of simple departments does not require any vast knowledge of aviation terminologies AT ALL but a sound mind, good english and a dash of common sense. How then did this happen even after the knowledge of the directors of the organization?
A few days ago a rumour came to surface which brought into light the corruption that is rampant in Somalia”s civil aviation when it was brought into light how they sold Visas to Canada and Italy intended to help staff undergo a training for the betterment of the aviaton profession in the country, this ‘news’ will become a reality and apparent then when we look at how unbecoming their official website is.
How disorganized is this entity, dont they consider the image of the country they are trying to represent? Do they not feel embarassed? I can only ask myself if they even know what they are doing looking at how they published their website, it looks like intermediate school graduates are handling the website and its an insult even, to intermediate school students to be compared with SCAMA officials.
SCAMA proves to be another SCAM!
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VISIT Seychelles’:
Suleiman Abdurahim
Freelance journalist and advocate of civil rights.



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