“Wag the Dog” and Villa Somalia’s Godah


There is hardly any Somali, save less suspecting and often paid cadres alias N&N, who does not believe Farmajo has plunged Somalia into a crisis. He had destroyed Galmudg; business in Mogadishu pay two taxes – to the government and to the REAL street government of Alshabab.

Also, Farmajo almost destroyed Jubaland. Weary Ware is nothing but a cash hostage with no vision. And Laftagran is not even taken seriously by either Farmajo or IC, and that is a huge disappointment to the people of Southwest (Baydhabo) who always prided themselves as the precursors of federalism. One wonders where are they now in the deck of cards? Their leader is used as the ghostbuster of federalism – so much for talking the talk without walking the walk.

Even the two states that Mogadishu in the past carefully dealt with – Somaliland and Puntland – did not escape from the wrath of the vultures of Villa Somalia.

In the case of Somaliland, a criminal and son-in-law of Barre were put in charge of “talks with Somaliland.” Call this a silly and insane move!

In the case of Puntland, several measures were marshalled to undermine the stability of that region, including transferring illicit cash to agents in Galkaio, enticing certain Wahabi Mosques in Bosasso, using parliamentarian and ministers from Puntland. In the final analysis, Puntland proved to be stronger and more solid than Farmajo expected.

As strange as it may sound, and as buffoon as Abdulahi Godah may come to us, his move is part of “wag the dog” tactics by the villans in Villa Somalia. The concept of “wag the dog” is often used by politicians after they take an aborted action thus seeking a cover up to thwart the attention.

So what are the actions Villa Somalia wants us to not talk about? Here is a short list:

1. The Qalbi Dhagax issue blew on the face of Farmajo. Finally we know now that he had sold a Somali soul to Ethiopia and weakened Somalinimo as we knew it. This case must put into a court at a future date Insha Allah.

2. Galmudug has deteriorated from one unified to potentially 3 conflicting administrstions, thanks to vultures in Villa Somalia.

3. The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Jubbaland gave an interview detailing how Farmajo wanted to abduct and arrest President Axmed Madobe during his last business visit to Mogadishu – this would have enticed a mini-civil war!

5. The escaping of one of the ministers of Jubbaland (Abdijanan) from his prison cell in Mogadishu and his safe arrival at Nairobi showed us that Villa Somalia is nothing but a paper government.

Instead of the Somali people talking about all these key issues, vultures in Villa Somalia weaponized Godah –  a minister who does not seem to understand his own constitution and the elements in it.

Don’t focus on Gohad for his statements want us to “wag the dog.”

By Faisal Rooble

Faisal Roble, a writer, political analyst and a former Editor-in-Chief of WardheerNews, is mainly interested in the Horn of Africa region. He is currently the Principal Planner for the City of Los Angeles in charge of Master Planning, Economic Development and Project Implementation Division


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