Somaliland Will Take Its Case to International Court of Law if Not Accepted as Sovereign State


Hargeisa (Somtribune) – The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Bihi Abdi, dissipated all doubts surrounding his government’s stand on Somaliland, Somalia talks and what – if at all – a successful dialogue between the two could achieve a failure of which could end in an international court arbitration.

President Bihi made it clear that Somaliland was not averse to talking with Somalia, at all, but that said talks be based on realities on the ground.

“The only agenda can bring Somaliland and Somalia to a negotiating table is one based on two countries talking mutual interests and good neighbourly relations,” President Bihi stated at a speech marking the 29th anniversary of the country’s restoration of its 1960 internationally recognized sovereignty which it lost to a quest for a Greater Somalia dream.

“Somalia and anybody else who wishes to mediate between the two of us should accept the inalienable, undeniable reality of a sovereign Somaliland talking with a sovereign Somalia on issues that foster brotherly relations, our people and the region,” he said.

President recalled that the Somali Republic borne of an ill-consummated merger between the two on 1st July 1960 was practically abrogated by the military coup d’tat of 1969 which changed the name of the government Somali Democratic Republic. Together, the two lasted 30 years ending in 1991 when a united people of Somaliland decided in May 1991 to extricate itself of a so-called union which only brought blood and mayhem to the people of Somaliland.

“Those first two administrations lasted 30 years. The people of Somaliland built one of the strongest democracies for the next 30 years (29 to be exact) totally independent of Mogadishu. Anyone who still insists to believe in a ghost Somalia including Somaliland is out of his mind,” he said.

The President berated Somalia leaders who up to this date publish statistics and maps sweeping the Republic of Somaliland under a federal umbrella – the same as federal member states who were signatories to the federal constitution which Somaliland never was.

“How can anybody talk with the rash leaders in Mogadishu who still entertain a dream which includes Somaliland despite the fact that Villa Somalia has the least jurisdiction over it? How can we talk to people who still call this thriving, established country the ‘northern regions’?,” the President rhetorically asked.

“I repeat in a loud voice that unless Somalia accepts the reality of two independent nations talking on equal terms, it should forget a dialogue between the two,” he reiterated.

President pointed out that the reclaimed sovereignty of Somaliland was not only legally legitimate but a popular decision written into its constitution following the 1991 all-Somaliland endorsed resolution, the reiteration made at the Borama conference in 1993 and the nation-wide referendum which overwhelmingly approved it in 2001.

The late President, M I Egal, who was the Prime Minister of Somaliland at time of independence, narrates in this video how Somalia completely sequestered the envisaged ‘Union’ totally ignoring the Somaliland side in 1960

The President went a step or two further.

“We will submit our case to an international court if Somalia continues to insist of a Somaliland it rules,” President emphasized, voicing a popular stand among Somaliland citizens.

Since there was no legitimate act of union detailing an equal partnership between the two countries which was signed by delegates from the two sides, the outcome of an international judicial arbitration was always in favor of legitimacy of Somaliland’s reaffirmation of sovereignty.

President Bihi.also, sent a clear message to international aid partners.

“As much as we welcome and appreciate the international community’s good intentions and support, Somaliland will, however, never accept aid channeled through Mogadishu whatever the volume or nature be . Somalia is Somalia. Somaliland is Somaliland,” the President stressed.

The President added that Somalia has proven to be number 1 enemy to the people of Somaliland and that the people and government of Somaliland have taken note of the fact and would accordingly deal with the situation as such.

Somalia has not only been adamant in its claims but has actively sought to block diplomatic recognition, economic development, bi-lateral protocols with other countries and political blossoming of the more democratic, more firmly rooted republic causing untold of hardships and incalculable humanitarian cost over the years.


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