US Averages 6 Airstrikes Per Month During 1st Two-Thirds of 2020


The US has conducted 46 airstrikes in Somalia since the beginning of 2020, according to the US Africa Command (Africom) which disclosed the figure in a statement released yesterday 28 August.

The attacks mainly target Al-Shabaab militants who are fighting the Somali federal government and its allies for control of the country.

“Al-Shabaab is a dangerous enemy that presents a threat to Somalia, its neighbors, and the United States. This Al-Qaeda aligned terrorist organization increasingly employs lies, engages in criminal acts, and blends into communities to create fear and intimidate local populations,” the statement from Africom read in part.

“US Africa Command will continue to expose the nature of this enemy and who and what they represent—an empty future,” added the statement.

Six Al-Shabaab fighters were killed on 24 August after drone strikes hit them near Dar es Salam in the Lower Shabelle, in one of the latest airstrikes the US conducted in the country.

Source: Somalia Affairs


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