Thursday, February 25, 2021

Egypt Promises 20-year Sentences for FGM Practitioners

Egypt’s government announced on Wednesday that it had approved legal amendments toughening the penalties for female genital mutilation. The new amendment to Article 242 increased...

Conflict In Ethiopia Extends The Greater Middle East’s Arc Of Crisis – Analysis

Fighting between the government of Nobel Peace Prize winning Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Tigrayan nationalists in the north could extend an evolving...
crown prince

Who will be Kuwait’s next crown prince?

As condolences from around the world continue to be received by Kuwait following the death of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah last week, Kuwaitis...
beirut explosion

Beirut blast was one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever

On Aug. 4, a series of massive explosions rocked the port of Beirut in Lebanon, and the biggest was one of the most powerful...
wealthy saudis

Wealthy Saudis Looking To Escape Out Of Fear Of MBS

Increasing numbers of wealthy Saudis are securing plans to escape the kingdom by purchasing foreign passports in fear of political repression which has been...

Kuwaiti Prime Minister Calls For End to Israeli Occupation in Palestine

The Kuwaiti Prime Minister reaffirmed his country’s principled and firm position in supporting the choices of the Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights, Anadolu...

Saudis in Exile Defy MBS, Form Pro-Democracy Reform Party

A group of Saudi dissidents, most of them in exile, on Wednesday announced the formation of a party to push for political reform in...

Who is Going to Tie the Knot with Israel Next in the Muslim World?

Israel could pursue closer ties to Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia years ago After the signing of the Abraham Accords last week, there was...

Emaciated Prisoners Lie Beside Corpses Inside Saudi Detention Centres Despite the COVID-19 Plague

Saudi Arabia is locking up African migrants in hellish detention centres to stop them spreading the coronavirus, it has emerged. Images leaked to the Sunday Telegraph show emaciated migrants...

How Great Power Competition and Regional Rivalries are Destabilizing the Red Sea Region

The current strategic trends in the Red Sea region enhance a prospect of further security destabilization and of a setback in the realm of...